French films come to Collier campus

By Ethan McSheffrey

Diversity, equity, and inclusion were key talking points at FSW’s “Using Film Across the Disciplines” workshop this week.

Professor Myriam Mompoint, professor of French and humanities, introduced the inaugural “Tournees Film Festival” a collaboration from FSW and the French Cultural Embassy, to bring the educational and cultural value of film to students and faculty.

“The festival points to our interests in diversifying opportunities for our students,” Professor Mompoint said after the workshop. “It allows the Collier campus to be a hub for students and the community.”

Mompoint highlighted the fact that the festival creates an opportunity for professors to use film in the classroom. Film “embeds a lot of content in a compact way,” she said, and “invites comparative analysis from students.”

The FSW International Film Festival will take place over three days beginning March 27th at 4 PM with a screening of French filmmaker Agnes Varda’s “Faces Places.” In addition to films, the festival will feature a post-screening panel with Wendy Chase, professor of humanities. a performance from the FSW Student Jazz Trio, and a closing reception open to the students and the public.

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