What’s in a name? Not enough.

By Lianna Hubbard

In the first week of the semester some students just can’t find their classroom buildings.

And it’s not their fault.

They pull up the college website on their phones and find the name of the building. When they ask students or even faculty where to find Hendry, Royal Palm, Sabal or Areca Hall, few people can give them directions.

On campus, those buildings are known as K, N, O and P buildings.

Until the summer of 2018, FSW buildings were identified by their letter names on the MyFSW app, which the IT Department removed from Android and iPhones app stores. 

“We’re trying to relaunch it for fall,” said Daniel Ramos, the FSW director of application developments.

New students can still find letter names, but not on their phones. They must search through six different tabs and links in the FSW Portal. And even then, some classes are listed by building name.

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