Parking profits

By Lianna Hubbard

In the calendar year 2018, FSW Public Safety issued around 800 tickets to students for parking violations on campus.

“It’s become a real problem,” said Capt. Reginald Mitchell of Public Safety.

Students received $15 tickets for parking on endcaps, on the grass, and in faculty and staff lots.

Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall valet parking also uses faculty lots, sometimes during afternoon school hours. Theatergoers pay $15 for the service.

Public Safety estimates parking ticket fees generated more than $11,700 last year, about the equivalent of four students’ annual in-state tuition payments.

In 2017, Public Safety issued about 550 tickets, which cost students $8,250.

Facilities added 80 parking spots for students last year. This was the first phase of a multi-year plan formed after a 2016 study of FSW traffic. Phase two, which would add additional lots or garages, is not expected to be completed for many years.

Budgeting from administration is the greatest hurdle to traffic improvements, said Ronald Copass, director of facility planning and managment.

“Parking is kind of a low priority,” said Copass.

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