Of books and bedbugs

By Lianna Hubbard

The Charlotte campus library has been stocking up new books at a record pace for the past three semesters after a bedbug infestation in 2017 forced FSW to discard 2,000 volumes.

“We feel we have replaced the content lost based on the curriculum,” said William Shuluk, head librarian, although all 2,000 volumes have not been replaced.

In July 2017, a library employee noticed a small bug. Ehrlich Pest Control identified it as a bedbug and used a trained dog to locate infestations in the stacks and the employee work area.

“It’s not unusual when you have spaces where the public congregates,” said William Shuluk, the library coordinator for all FSW libraries.

The Charlotte library was closed down for two weeks and operations were moved to another building while the exterminators worked.

“I’m glad they addressed it,” said Charlotte nursing student, Parola Severe. “It means they cared.”

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