New keys tickle music majors

Ben Rolfe plays one of FSW's new pianos By Lianna Hubbard

By Lianna Hubbard

Ben Rolfe, a third-year music major, used to avoid practicing on the 30-year-old pianos in the Lee campus music rooms.

“Some notes would be completely muffled,” said Rolfe. “When you hit them, they didn’t ring at all.”

But in fall 2018, six new Hailun pianos were shipped to Lee campus from Los Angeles, California. Rolfe is back in the practice room.

“The pianos needed to be replaced,” said Ron Doiron, professor of music. “It cost more to fix them than to buy new ones.”

Some of the old instruments went to students and faculty. The school kept one for memory sake.

“We tried to find a home for them,” said Doiron, “even though they weren’t in the best shape.”

The new pianos can only be played by music majors. Even with the restrictions on student use, the pianos are used daily.

“They already need to be tuned,” said Rolfe.

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