Introducing the Compass

Lianna Hubbard By Calven Cummings

Dear readers,

You are holding the second issue of the FSW Compass and the first issue with a student editor-in-chief.

The Compass staff is a group of students with a paper, a voice, and lots of room to grow. We are trying become the FSW student news source, a place for students to gather and comment on news that affects their life and education.

We are dedicated to informing the FSW public, no matter the obstacles. FSW is not used to having a student-run news source, with student journalists asking questions. We are sure that the campus and administration will soon grow to accept our resilient presence.

The Compass is a paper for all FSW students and campuses. We hope to be both a voice and a connection for the student body.

Please, reach out to us. We want to hear your FSW story.

Another publication that seems to share our goal is the FSW Spectator. At least two versions of this underground pamphlet, with mostly aliases in the bylines, are floating around campus. The first issue tackled academic advisers, sports marketing, Cornerstone class, and many other FSW issues.

The FSW Compass is looking forward to the next Spectator issue. If any Spectator writers are interested in getting involved with two FSW publications, please reach out.

Share the Compass across campus!

If you are interested in being a reporter, photographer, or designer for the Compass, you can reach me at or in room I-117 on Lee campus.


Lianna Hubbard

Editor in Chief

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