‘Destination FGCU’ woos FSW students

By FSW Staff

The new Destination FGCU: FSW/FGCU Transfer Program aims to put FSW graduates on track to complete FGCU bachelor’s degree programs from the very beginning of their FSW careers.

“We are a main feeder for FGCU,” said Jeffery Allbritten, president of FSW.  “We want to continue that. We’re going to send them our best and brightest. We’re really happy with the things that are happening between us.”

FSW will use the program, which began in September, to identify students who want to transfer to FGCU. Meanwhile, FGCU will use it to keep tabs on FSW students who are interested in attending FGCU, but who were denied admission when they first applied to the university.

FGCU will also direct students to FSW when they are ineligible for admission to FGCU. The university will offer classes on FSW campuses under the FGCU Complete program.

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