BucStore bandits target pricey textbooks

FSW Lee campus BucStore By Calven Cummings

By Lianna Hubbard

The BucStore unloads thousands of expensive textbooks from its shelves in the first few weeks of each semester. The store is looking out for those skipping the register altogether.

Early last semester, two men entered the Lee campus store, went to the back shelf and swept a row oftextbooks into their backpacks before running out the door.

The total loss was $1,000.95. The thieves were not FSW students stealing books they needed for classes. They stole books for resale, according to former Director of Public Safety Anthony Giaimo.

“There have been thefts since there has been a bookstore,” said Capt. Reginald Mitchell of Public Safety.

FSW isn’t the only school experiencing this. Colleges across the nation have reported expensive textbook thefts.

FSW Public Safety officers patrolled the BucStore after the theft, but eventually turned their attentions to following the paper trail of the thieves instead.

“You can’t be in two places at once,” said Mitchell. “Anything could happen when we’re not there.”

The Lee campus BucStore restricted access to the textbook shelves after the theft.

At the beginning of spring semester, the store opened up the textbook section again.

Laura Jensen, the BucStore manager, said she made the change “because it’s the beginning of the semester. [Our goal is] providing the best and safest shopping experience possible.”

In the past four years, there have been seven textbook thefts from BucStores across the Charlotte, Lee, and Collier campuses.

“It’s been a problem every year since we started,” said Mitchell,

These thefts usually occur at the beginning of the semester. People steal expensive books and sell them as “buy backs” to FSW campuses or other local colleges, like FGCU. Thieves also resell these textbooks to pawn shops and students looking to save money.

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